Other Wooden Indians in the Area

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This Indian was seen in May 2018 at Brush Creek Antiques in Lawrence. He has cigars in his hand but this is a modern carving. Price was $1095. It was still there in early 2020.


The impressive Cigar Indian below was seen in May 2019 at the Coldwater Antiques Mall. He was made in the Philippines during the last 40 years. Price was $3000. It was sold in late 2019. Note the other Indian in the background.


The Indian below is a great example of a Samuel Robb (1851 to 1928) carving. Robb's workshop was the largest in 19th century New York. This one was restored and repainted in the 1930s. It is in a private collection .

This Indian is on the second floor of the Kalamazoo Valley Museum and appears to be a Samuel Robb carving. I asked the museum for more details but they ignored my request.


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