Riding the Rails in Argentina and Chile

A speeder club in Argentina was formed in 2007. They have already organized excursions. The people involved in these excursions were Eduardo Prigenzi, Manfred Haase, Germán Versellino, Iván Juarez, Jorge Martín and Cesar Guillen. The information on this page was supplied by Manfred Haase. For any questions email to cazvarg@yahoo.com.ar

*NEW* April 2009 - ABRAMO

January 2009 - 1250 km Ride Covering 6 States in Argentina

July 2008 - Speeder exhibition inside the Bahía Blanca Plaza Shopping

On February 5th. 2007 we started the trip with two speeders from Ingeniero White Harbor (on the Atlantic Ocean) in Buenos Aires province.  

One of our speeders on the first day of the journey.

One stop 50 kilometers away from the Colorado river.

Bridge over the Colorado River.

A Train crossing at Pichi Mahuida station in Rio Negro Province.

We met the railroad staff fixing the rails (the speeder that is away from the tracks belongs to the railroad staff).

Traveling across the Patagonic plateau.

Bridge over Neuquen river.

One stop on the way, a few kilometers from Challaco station on the Patagonic steppe.

Reaching  Zapala

End of the first part. Argentine tracks end in Zapala city. We traveled 756 km.

The Andes Range crossing was made by trailer.

After crossing the Andes our speeders are on Chilean tracks, Victoria station.

Waiting for a train to cross at Buenuraqui station.

We returned to the starting point by van. We traveled 1000 kilometers of railroads in 6 days. Photo of the Andes crossing.

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Last Edited 19 April, 2009