Every 2-Stroke Owner's Dream!

And what is every Fairmont 2-stroke owners dream, you may ask? It's when you get to tow an Onan powered car, thus proving that 2-stroke Fairmont engines are superior to 4-stroke Onans, at least on that day! My opportunity arose in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan when the MT-19 at the rear of the convoy broke down. The photo below shows Jim LIndholm and I on a 1942 open M9 towing the errant MT-19. We towed it very carefully for a couple of miles and then handed the job off to an MT-14.

lsi_towing.jpg (69371 bytes)

Just in! More evidence of the superiority of 2-stroke Fairmont engines. Bruce Pierce with his beautifully restored S-2 after having towed an Onan-powered M-19 that kept having trouble. Not only that but this was a Canadian National car being pulled by an old Illinois Central car after their corporate merger!

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Last Edited 03 June, 2002