Motor Car Trailer

So how do we get these motor cars around? A small trailer is sufficient for carrying one car. Here's a photo of the one that I had built. My priorities in having a trailer built were: (1) It should be as low as possible, to minimize wind resistance when towing a car with a cab, (2) It should have full-size wheels, so that I could tow at speed over long distances without worrying about a tire blowing (note-a drop axle helps meet #1 and #2), and (3) It should be multi-purpose, hence it's a flat bed made of 3/4 inch wolmanized plywood. The "rails" on it are 2 x 6 inch wood with stops where the weight distribution was ideal. Ramps are 2 x 12 inch wood with L angle steel strengthening. There's a hand-winch and a couple of ex-Army ammunition boxes for storage of extra lamps, lens plus other odds and ends. The car is chained down at front and back when in position. 

trailer 3.jpg (36816 bytes)

For a couple more photos, click here for a front view or here for a rear view.

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Last Edited 20 December, 2002