Grand Elk - The Otsego Turn in August 2011

I heard the Otsego turn going by my house about 7:30am on 17 August 2011 and decided to get a few photos of this M-W-F early morning operation out of Botsford Yard in Kalamazoo. Here are 5 empty Railbox cars being pushed down the Otsego line by Grand Elk 3829 after passing over North Main in Plainwell. The crossing lights were not working so the train had to be flagged across the street.

Approaching the paper mill at Otsego

Switching inside the mill took only 5 minutes. Five empties were dropped off and two loads were picked up.

Heading back towards Plainwell with the loads.

At Plainwell the crew pulled out onto the main, locked the switch and backed up a couple of train lengths to clear the M-89 crossing. They then grabbed a couple of coffees from the Easley Mill and headed south at track speed to Botsford Yard in Kalamazoo.

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