The Water Research Center 1977-1979

After graduating from Hatfield Poly in 1977 with an Applied Chemistry BSc (Hons) degree I started work at the Water Research Center (WRC) in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. I worked there in the Rivers Group for 2 years until I emigrated to America in late 1979. My most interesting project was investigating the use of sulphur hexafluoride gas as a tracer in flow measurement of streams and rivers. We had fun driving old Ford Transit vans and Ford Cortinas all over the country. Alas, this large scientific organization in the 1970s has shrunk to a single site in Swindon with 100 staff.  It is now known as WRc (website). The Stevenage site is long-closed and demolished, replaced by a shopping center containing mundane stores such as McDonald's, Mattressman, Mothercare, Currys and Topps Tiles.  


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