A Photo Tribute to
Jock and Peggy Winkworth

Above - Annie Bell and William Winkworth, parents of Jock (William Henderson) Winkworth. They met on the Rock of Gibraltar. William served in the British garrison there and Annie Bell was cook to the garrison commander. They were married in 1909 and settled in Eaglesfield, Scotland.

Above - From left to right - Ruth, Betty, Jim, Peggy and May Benham, likely around 1928, location unknown.

Above - Minnie and Frederick Benham, parents of Peggy Benham, at their house in Robertsbridge in April 1931.

Above - May and Peggy Benham - sometime in the 1940's, Potters Bar.

Above - Peggy Benham in 1942

Above - Jock Winkworth in RAF uniform, May 1946

Above - Wedding of Jock and Peggy Winkworth on March 14, 1952 at St. Albans Registry Office

Above - Also on March 14, 1952 at 21 Neville Close, Potters Bar. On the left is David Wyllie and his daughter Carolyn, Jock and Peggy, then Douglas Gait (Jock's brother-in-law) with his son Angus.

Above - William Winkworth in the garden of his cottage in Eaglesfield, Scotland in 1953.

Above - Annie Bell and William Winkworth in Eaglesfield, likely 1953 or 1954.


Above left - William Winkworth, father of Jock, at Potters Bar with Jeremy in the pram - Winter 1955 Above right - Jeremy and Jock Winkworth at Neville Close, Potters Bar - 1955

Above - Jeremy at Potters Bar with Flash the dog in early 1955. Note the WWII air raid shelter.


Above left - Jeremy with Janice in Harpenden - August 1956 Above right - Jeremy in car, location unknown  - August 1957


Above - Jock Winkworth in the front room at 56 Grove Road, Harpenden - mid or late 1950's.



Above left - Jeremy with Minnie Benham at Potters Bar 6 February 1955.

Above right - Jeremy with Jock and Peggy at Potters Bar 6 February 1955.



Above left - Jeremy and Kevin by home built shed at Harpenden - early 1960's Above right - Jeremy and Kevin in back garden at Harpenden - 1960



Above - Peggy at Allerbeck in the Scottish Border Country - date unknown



Above - Peggy with William Winkworth in the Scottish Border Country



Above left - Jock, Jeremy and Kevin on the beach at Frinton - 1955
Above right - Jeremy with his grandfather, William Winkworth and family car - June 1962



Above - Jeremy at the annual DeHavillands Christmas Party at Hatfield - likely around 1960



Above - Jonathan's christening in 1961, back garden of 56 Grove Road.




Above left - Jeremy and Kevin at 56 Grove Road, Harpenden - 1960. Above right - Jeremy, Kevin, Andy and Jock at Windsor Castle - 1968.



Above left - Peggy, Jock, Jeremy and Kevin on Harpenden Common - 1960.

Above right - The family on holiday at Billbrook, near Minehead in Somerset - 1971


Above left - The Winkworth family in the back yard at Harpenden - around 1972

Above right - On holiday at Sheringham on the Norfolk Coast - 1974



Above - The Winkworth fleet of Morris Minors and Oxfords in 1979




Above left - 56 Grove Road, Harpenden around 1979

Above right - Jock and his boys - date unknown



Above - Jock retired from British Aerospace at Hatfield in October 1982
(click here for a bigger version of the first retirement photo).



Above - Jock and Peggy at 56 Grove Road, Harpenden, early 1980's.



Above - Jock and Peggy at Whipsnade Zoo with Andrew in 1989


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