Jobs, Customers and Locomotive Roster

Grand Elk Jobs

KZ 100 - Night time lead job, on duty 2200.
KZ 105 - Upjohn switcher, on duty 1000.
KZ 302 - Kalamazoo to Elkhart and turn, on duty 0100.
KZ 303 - Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids and turn, on duty 1300.
KZ 501 - Kalamazoo South local, on duty 0800.
KZ 503 - Kalamazoo North local, on duty 0900.

700/702 - Unit train designators for Anderson's grain plant/stone pit trains.

GR 120 - Hughart yard job, on duty 0700. No PM yard job anymore.

Active Customers

KZ 105
-Green Bay Packaging
-Interchange with the C.N.
-L.C. Howard
-Graphic Packaging
-Kalamazoo Metal Recyclers
-International Paper (Kzoo)

KZ 501
-J. Rettenmeir
-Van Beek Nut
-Interchange with the Mich Southern
-Blue Lynx
-Robert Weed Plywood
-North American Plastics
-International Paper (Three Rivers)
KZ 503
-Marshall Plastics
-Bay Valley Foods


Locomotive Roster

WAMX 3829 former BAR 352 a GP38-3
WAMX 4020 former CN 9605 a GP40-2LW
WAMX 4002 former CN 9405 a GP40-2LW
WAMX 4009 former CN 9448 a GP40-2LW
WAMX 4017 former CN 9564 a GP40-2LW
WAMX 4012 former CN 9481 a GP40-2LW
WAMX 4124 former NREX 6304 a SD40-2
WAMX 4125 former NREX 6305 a SD40-2
WAMX 3531 former NREX 2621 a GP35M


Information supplied by "Brakey" in May 2009.

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