Foster Dogs and Puppies - 2002

In 2002, we decided to try our hand at fostering dogs for a local animal rescue group. Our first foster puppy arrived at the end of March, shown below. His name was Roscoe and he was a rottweiler mix who was 4 months old. He was pretty much house-trained so he didnít have many accidents. He was quick, amazingly quick.  When he got away in the yard and his foster mother tried to catch him, he thought it was a great game and couldnít be caught, getting her madder and madder. Overall though, he was a good boy. He left in May for his permanent home.

Our next puppies were 4 out of a litter of 10, who arrived in early June. They were lab-rottweiler-akita mixes. They were very young and full of worms. We named them Blue, Colin, Rufus and Daisy. When they first arrived, they could all fit onto your lap, as shown here. They loved to sleep in a pile. Life was busy with 4 puppies and we had to house train all of them, resulting in many accidents on the linoleum kitchen floor. 

This is Blue. When he first arrived he was very sacred and he shook a lot. He was shy and he always hung back when the other three came crowding forward. Of course, that made him very cute and he got special treatment because of it. Blue went to a friend of mine in mid-June. I hear all about what Blue is getting up to. He's now over 60 lbs. Click here to see a pic of Blue in August 2003.

Here's Daisy. She was the only female in the four puppies. She was the smallest, all black with two bright blue eyes - very striking. Daisy led the boys around the yard. She had lots of energy. She left a couple of days before Blue. According to her new owners, she did so well at obedience training that she went on to do agility training.

Here's Rufus. He was all-black with one bright blue eye and one brown eye. He looked like a black Labrador. He had that cute roly-poly shape, although he refused to be cuddled. He was his own man and he had things to do! He was not going to be cuddled! In early July Rufus went to a friend of mine who lives in Illinois . I hear about Rufusís antics every weekend. He starts every day with a good howling session. For a December 2002 picture of Rufus, click here.

Colin probably had the best coloring of the four puppies. He left just before Rufus but was soon back for a week or two while his new owners went on honeymoon. Colin is now known as Rufus. Here he is in early 2003.

Next was Buster. As you can see, he is a beautiful dog, a mix of golden retriever and labrador . He was about 8 months old and came in September from a home rent by divorce. He had a lot of nervous energy but we got him to mellow out over time. He had never been walked before so we had to teach him to walk along the street. Needless to say he didnít have any trouble finding a foster home on mid-October. His new home is not to far away from us. His new family reported that it felt like he had always been with them.

Beau arrived in October, a 2 year old border collie-beagle mix who was found wandering around in the country. The man who took him in wanted to keep him but was selling his house. Beau was very loving and undemanding. He got along with our dog well Ė they ignored one another. Beau got lucky. He left on November 4th with a retired couple who planned to be with him all day and all night (in other words, he could sleep in their bedroom). They will even take him traveling across the country with them. We heard from them in April 2003. See the collage of Beau photos that they sent us. He's doing great! ****Click here to see new photos that arrived in 2004**** Talk about a foster dog that went from hell to heaven!

The day before Beau left, Monty arrived. He was a rottweiler-beagle mix who was found wandering around on a farm. He was only 7 weeks old and 6 pounds weight when we got him. He was a cutie, just a tiny ball of black and brown puppy fuzz. We took him outside every couple of hours and he was quickly house-trained. Monty was with us for 6 weeks. He went to a couple whose dog had recently died. He spent his first night at their house sleeping between them on the bed!

Here's Monty biting on our dog's tail. And puppies have sharp teeth!

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