Foster Dogs and Puppies - 2007

Trixie didn't leave until mid-March, after which Kathy was determined to take a break. Hmmm, the break lasted two whole days. Honey arrived in bad shape - severe kennel cough and heartworm. Quick application of doxycycline knocked out the kennel cough in a week. Then we found she had worms and we treated those. After that she went into heat (thank goodness for doggie diapers!) so we waited for that to be over. She finally came to the end of her heartworm treatment and then was spayed. But wait, then she went into a false pregnancy and leaked milk everywhere. Fortunately she was such a sweet dog. After all this we couldn't bear to part with her so she is now a permanent member of our family.

The end of March marked 5 years since the arrival of our very first foster dog! Only a week after getting Honey, a routine trip to the local animal shelter resulted in a temporary addition to the family - a 5 week old JRT puppy. he stayed with us for a week and then went to another foster family.

Sadie arrived with a broken foot but it didn't slow her down one bit. Clomp, clomp, clomp across the kitchen floor she would run. What a beautiful pup she was. We kept her for a few days and then she went to another foster family.

In November of 2007 we resigned from Kalamazoo Animal Rescue and ended our fostering days We are left with our two former rescue dogs, Honey and Chase, shown below in the autumn leaves.

The toughest part of being an animal lover in my home may be at breakfast. I get to share my morning toast with 3 dogs every day. We all sit close together and look at one another intently, each wondering if they will get a fair share of the toast. We don't make casual talk at all. Oh no, this is too important to get distracted. The tension builds, glances are exchanged, there is subtle maneuvering to get a slight advantage. Pleading eyes are everywhere you look.

The intensity breaks into a wave of tangible relief when the toast is distributed fairly. Protests are made if it isn't. The hope that there may be some extra toast hidden on the table is always expressed. Finally we conduct a thorough check that every crumb was indeed eaten.

We break up and go our own ways. The breakfast routine is over for another day.........

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